Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Am I required to sign a lease or agreement?

Yes, you are required to sign a Residency Agreement. This agreement, which is on a month-to-month basis, outlines the accommodation and service package you have chosen and allows maximum flexibility for changing options.

How much is my deposit and is it refundable?
We require a $500 deposit, which is fully-refundable. This deposit reserves a place on our waiting list for when you are ready to move into your suite and is then applied to your first month’s rent.

Question: Will my rent increase?

Rental rates are reviewed on an annual basis, with any necessary increases reflecting market conditions. We will do our best to keep increases to a minimum while maintaining our high standard of services.

Question: Am I required to pay last month’s rent in advance?

No, however, you will be required to give 30-days written notice prior to vacating your suite.

Question: Am I responsible for the maintenance of my suite? Who will change my light bulbs?

We are here to be of service to you. Our maintenance staff will take care of repairs and the maintenance of appliances and fixtures installed by the owner/operator.

Question: Can I decorate my suite? Can I paint, wallpaper, hang my pictures on the wall, and put up my own draperies?

Yes. Your suite is your home – we encourage you to make it comfortable and add your own personal touches and furnishings. When you move in you will find your suite painted and equipped with window coverings in neutral tones, as well as, window shades and major appliances. You may, at your own cost and within reason, paint walls, apply wallpaper, install draperies, and hang pictures to personalize the suite as you like.

Question: Can I control the temperature in my suite?

Yes. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable at the same temperature. At Kenny’s Pond all suites equipped with its own heating system. You can vary the room temperature to suit your own comfort.

Question: Can I smoke in my suite or in the dining room?

No. For the health, safety, and comfort of residents and staff, both Tiffany Village and Kenny’s Pond Retirement Residence are smoke-free buildings.

Question: Can I cook in my suite?

Suites are equipped with kitchenette areas where you can use a toaster, microwave, coffee pot, among others, to make light meals and snacks; however, we have a full kitchen in the Multipurpose Room that you can use at your convenience.

Can my meal be delivered  to my suite?
Yes, we offer in-suite meal delivery should you prefer to enjoy your meal(s) in your suite.  We offer meal delivery service to your suite at a nominal fee with choice of per meal, daily meals, or monthly meal delivery service.

Question: Do you have on-site dining services?

Our elegant, full-service dining room is available to all residents through either meal plan or a la carte services. We offer a variety of wines, for purchase, to accompany your meals. Guests are welcome to join you in our dining room, all you need is an advanced reservation. For your convenience, guest dining costs can be added to your monthly invoice or your guest may pay for his/her meal upon departure.

Question: May I have wine in the dining room?

Yes. The dining room offers a selection of wines to enjoy with your meal for a nominal fee.

Question: Can my diet restrictions be accommodated?

Yes, we thoroughly assess all new residents to ensure meal selections are nutritionally balanced. All allergy and dietary restrictions can be accommodated in any meal plan.

Question: What happens if my health changes?

If I have a health incident, can you look after me? Kenny’s Pond Retirement Residence is designed to offer a continuum of care with various assisted living care programs available to ensure you receive the care you require. Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and trained professionals are available 24 hours a day to take care of you and to administer health-care services. You may also avail of the services of the Physician that visits the Residence.

Question: Will I be required to change physicians or my pharmacy?

Residents on our independent living floors, who administer their own medication, can remain with their physician and pharmacy of choice. Should our independent living residents desire assistance with medication management, we require use of our in-house physician and pharmacy services to ensure quality and continuity of care. Our assisted living program provides in-house physician and pharmacy services. This ensures convenient and safe care delivery.

Question: Can I have overnight guests? Where would they stay?

Yes, you are welcome to have overnight guests in your suite for short-term stays. We will have a few single cots available on a first-come first-served basis, to allow residents to occasionally have guests stay overnight in their suites.

Question: Where would my guest eat?

Guests are also welcome to join you in our dining room, all you need is an advanced reservation. For your convenience, guest dining costs can be added to your monthly invoice or your guest may pay for his/her meal upon departure.

Question: Do you offer recreational or social events? Who can participate?

We have an experienced recreational director on staff who works with our residents to design and deliver recreational programs tailored to residents’ interests and needs. We invite our residents and their guests to participate in the various activities offered. We also offer scheduled shopping outings and other off-site activities for those who are interested.

Question: Can visitors join activities?

Can “outside” friends join trips and activities? Yes. Visitors and friends are welcome to participate in the activity programs. We believe in the saying “the more, the merrier,” and we encourage the full use of the building’s amenities. Some activities outside the residence may require pre-booking and payment in advance, such as for theatrical or musical events. Kindly note that space on trips and activities are offered to residents first.

Question: What other services/amenities are available on-site?

There are a variety of services/amenities available to our residents. These include a hair salon, theatre, community kitchen, greenhouse, fitness room, games room, library, and personalized laundry services. In addition, we have physiotherapy, advanced foot care and dietary consulting services available.

Question: What security measures do your building have in place? Are the front doors locked?

Doors are secured from the outside only. Guests can obtain entrance by contacting the concierge. All entrances and exits are monitored with cameras.

Question: If I drive, is there an additional fee for parking my car? Is there overnight parking for visitors?

There are 39 parking spots which should be sufficient for residents, staff, and visitors. All visitors are required to register with the concierge.

Question: Is there a fee for using the residence bus?

No. This is a complimentary service for residents to enjoy on routine trips and special excursions.

Our Testimonials

  • We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all your help over the past months with our mother Sandra Munn. To the second-floor staff, your countless hours of gratuitous care and true concern for her well-being gave us a peace of mind leaving her in your care. You do an exemplary job of allowing the family members their dignity and sense of self, autonomy. We will be forever grateful to all of you for your help during this time.  Thank you.

    The Munn Family

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